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The new way to do Social Media Contest

Social Media Contest in 2020

We have all seen and most likely participated in some sort of contest online sometime over our many years online. Whether the contest used a simple landing page with what marketers like to call an opt-in form used to collect everyone’s name, email, phone number, and sometimes more personal info depending on the contest. The main purpose of this type of contest is to build an email list  to be able to send emails with promotional items in hopes of getting new customers for a business. See an example for “A Chance To Win $10,000 From Travel Channel with their Travel Buck List Contest. “

See an example of an online contest to collect info

As you can see the contest has a huge payout so the advertiser is collecting some extra information outside of just name and email. 

Then there is the most common contest we see on social media sites like FB & IG that requires you to like a post, share the post, like the page, tag friends, etc. According to Facebook’s competition rules  these tactics are prohibited FYI.

While both of these technics are great ways to attarct more attention to your comany there is a better way in 2020 with the power of what we call messenger marketing with social media. Check out this video of an awesome case study about how we use birthday promotions to drive more sells to restaurants. Contact us today to learn more how we can help your business grow.

The Viral Giveaway can generate a flood of new customers instantly, and with very little ad spend. People that see the post or ad enter a contest for a giveaway – a gift card, free meal, or other service like a massage, oil change, etc. they enter by giving you their email and phone number, helping you build a list that you can monetize forever.

After that, they can gain more chances to win by sharing on their timeline, commenting on the post, and referring friends and family.

Not only does this radically increase page engagement and exposure, but with the optional participation and consolation coupons, it drives a flood of new customers through the door and increases the business visibility and brand.

The Benefits

  • Fully automated, messenger based system encourages customers to engage by rewarding comments and social sharing
  • Drives massive page likes, comments and engagement
  • Drives paying customers by offering participation coupons when they enter, and consolation prizes if they don’t win
  • Social contests can be run month after month, continuously driving new customers & engagement
  • Ability to reach customers by building a list (messenger, email and SMS)
  • Reduces advertising costs
  • Generate more repeat business
  • Optional, personalized images and coupons to increase conversion
  • Trackable coupons that record redemption amounts